Humans are hard-wired to operate with survival in mind. In the modern world, survival looks a lot different than it did for our ancestors. As a species, we’ve traded the threat of the literal jungle for those of our everyday life. The tools that have been baked into our biology can create roadblocks to feeling heard, having clarity, and knowing there is choice. So how do we empower ourselves and those we interact with to work with our responses? How do we break down the barriers that prevent true connection and success?

Rooted in Polyvagal Theory, developed for a wider audience

The Bocas Method is a framework to not only understand the connection between the nervous system and human behavior but also to create a plan of action. Rooted in Polyvagal Theory, The Bocas Method breaks down the complexities of the biological systems behind human behavior in way that can empower anyone to advance their journey towards wellness, balance, and healthy relationships.

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The biology of connection and success (BOCAS) is a framework for understanding our biological response to stressful situations and repatterning our behavior.

Fear and stress are part of the human experience, and our body’s response to those things is deeply rooted in our survival instinct. Although necessary, this system can get in the way of living a life full of possibility and choice. The BOCAS Method is a way of understanding this biological response and mastering it, opening up the possibility of connection and empowering us towards success.

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Nancy Rubbico has developed the Bocas Method through her years of experience working through a Polyvagal lens. The thread of her experiences has led her to a deep understanding of our nervous systems and how they impact human behaviors. As a licensed psychotherapist, she’s seen first-hand what being trapped in a fear-response loop can do.

As an international consultant and trainer, Nancy has worked with clients all over the world to help them understand the relationship between their nervous systems and their behaviors, empowering individuals and organizations to make real change. She developed the BOCAS Method as a framework for understanding, identifying, and adapting the biological impulses of the nervous system.

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