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The Bocas Method empowers individuals to become leaders of change in their own lives, and in the world around them. It builds a wisdom, and an accessible skillset in individuals to identify and understand the biological impulses behind human behavior, and then recognize those impulses in themselves and others. Through the Bocas Method, learners will be able to bring the unconscious to the conscious, allowing for choice in how to respond to situations and challenges.

The Bocas Method is a data-driven, individualized approach to understanding the biological underpinnings of behavior. It inspires people to get curious about their habits, their behaviors, and their emotions, and then it builds the skills to allow each person to become agents of  meaningful, transformative change in their own lives and in their communities.

Right now, the Bocas Method offers speaking engagements designed to spark passionate inquiry into the workings of the human nervous system, biology, and behavior. We also offer transformational online learning options that are self-paced and accessible to a variety of learners. The Bocas Method also conducts live in-person and virtual workshops designed to introduce individuals to the basic concepts and the educational pillars of this methodology.

People who are interested in creating meaningful positive change in their lives, their families, their communities, and their organizations can benefit from the data-driven and individualized approach of the Bocas Method. This accessible framework builds real-world skills to recognize and honor the relationship between our biology and our behaviors. The Bocas Method gives learners who understand the marriage between physiology and the mind choice in how to respond to situations and challenges. It empowers learners to lead with empathy, communicate with clarity, access curiosity, and become an agent of transformative change in their lives, in their community, and in the world.