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Grounded in science, the Bocas Method is committed taking a data-driven approach to the mind/body connection. We love a feel-good message as much as the next person, but we also operate with the best science to deconstruct the wall of mystery that surrounds human behavior, and instead, build a foundation of data-driven knowledge. You can’t change what you don’t understand. You don’t understand what you don’t research. By building a base understanding of the human nervous system in our clients, we are empowering each person to become a curious researcher, discovering how their own unique nervous system impacts their behaviors, their habits, and the way in which they walk through the world. With these tools, we know people can do great things for themselves and for their communities.

The Bocas Method empowers clients to recognize and honor the uniqueness of their nervous system, and the nervous systems around them.  Unlike a lot of self-help resources available, we don’t promise a silver bullet solution. Our neuro pathways are too vast, too complex, and too beautifully unique  to have a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we focus on giving each individual the tools to get curious about their nervous system and the nervous systems of others. We empower our clients to build a foundational knowledge of how that biology impacts us on an emotional and behavioral level. And then, the Bocas Method gives clients a toolkit to action on that knowledge, and become agents of positive and transformative change in their own lives and in their communities.

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We want our clients to leave their trainings with actionable steps to bring into the real world. The Bocas Method isn’t just about theory – it’s about application. We’re focused on building skills that you can leverage in your every-day life. As clients build their knowledge of the theory and the pillars behind the Bocas Method, they’ll also be given the opportunity to deconstruct the ways in which this mind/body connection transforms their ability to connect, to collaborate, and to get curious. The Bocas Method will give clients the skills, the knowledge, and the tools become the agents of positive and transformative change that they are capable of being.

The biological systems that inform human behavior are complex. Learning about it doesn’t have to be. The Bocas Method is committed to taking the latest science deconstructing human behavior and creating an accessible approach to understanding and applying that knowledge to the real world. Our clients build the skills to understand and comprehend the relationship between their nervous system and their behaviors, as well as the ability to communicate this understanding in a way that opens them up for new possibilities of collaboration. You’ll be able to recognize and honor the truly unique way in which your biology informs your behavior, as well as an ability to recognize and honor that same complex system in others. This accessible approach gives clients of the Bocas Method the ability to form meaningful connections with themselves and with others.