Unlock Potential: Understanding Your Nervous System & Crafting a Fulfilled Life

  • How do you create a sense of fulfillment in your life? How do you build confidence and security in your life’s path? With the Bocas Method, you can delve into the science of your emotions, manage stress with grace, and enhance your communication skills to build stronger, more authentic connections.
  • Cultivating Cohesion: Imagine an organizational culture that’s a mosaic of valued voices and perspectives, where managing stress is as natural as breathing, where leaders truly understand their teams, and productivity is achieved without compromising mental health.

Don’t just dream of more—reach for it. Whether it’s personal development or organizational growth, we’re here to guide you. Embrace the journey towards a life where ‘settling’ isn’t in your vocabulary. Are you ready to take the first step?

Curious about the specific challenges our workshops can help you or your organization navigate?

  • For individuals, imagine grappling with tight deadlines that spike your stress, or feeling overwhelmed by emotional responses to life’s ups and downs. Perhaps you’re seeking ways to understand yourself better or to communicate more effectively with friends, family and colleagues.
  • For organizations, envision the task of cultivating a work atmosphere where everyone feels valued and heard, managing diverse teams with varying stress levels, guiding leaders to connect empathetically with their teams, and aiming to increase productivity without sacrificing the team’s mental health. Ready to explore solutions to these real-world scenarios?”

Embark on a Fascinating Exploration:

  • Explore the power of the Polyvagal Theory, a groundbreaking perspective that impacts how we walk through life, supported by extensive scientific studies.
  • Unveil the complex world of our nervous system and its influence on our relationships, communication, and personal narratives.
  • Uncover how this intricate biological system, a vigilant guardian for safety and danger, molds our everyday experiences and interactions.

A Quick Dive into Self-Discovery:

  • Traverse the unique landscape of your own nervous system.
  • Foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diversity in others’ experiences.
  • Sharpen your listening abilities and spark curiosity to master the art of human behavior and connection.

Workshop Highlights:

  • A crisp primer on the nervous system’s sway over our emotions, actions, and life stories.
  • Engaging discussions spotlighting the path to enriched interpersonal connections.
  • A sneak peek into the Polyvagal Theory, offering profound insights into our physiological reactions.

Anticipate Transformation:

  • Elevate your awareness of your nervous system’s pivotal role in your daily life.
  • Gain a custom-tailored perspective on how your nervous system operates.
  • Embrace moments of reflection and ‘Pause’.

Meet Nancy Rubbico, LMHC-MA:

Nancy is dedicated to making Polyvagal Theory accessible to everyone, believing that understanding our nervous system is fundamental to comprehending our choices in life. Her extensive experience in addressing complex trauma and dissociation has shaped her approach to guiding individuals from survival mode responses to flexible, resourced, and resilient ones.

  • A Passionate Advocate: Dive into the insights of Nancy Rubbico, a dedicated expert in understanding the nervous system’s role in behavior modification.
  • Global Wisdom: With vast experience as a worldwide trainer.
  • Diverse Expertise: Nancy’s approach is enriched with techniques from Psychoanalysis, EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Parts work, Polyvagal Theory, AEDP, and Yoga.

Highlighted Publication:

  • “What Putin’s Physiological State Tells us” – April 2022
    Read More

Polyvagal Theory References:

  • Geller, S. M., & Porges, S. W. (2014). Therapeutic presence: Neurophysiological mechanisms. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 24(3). Link
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Join a transformative journey to unravel the secrets of our biological roots and their pivotal role in our lives!

Contact and Further Information: Connect with Nancy Rubbico

For those intrigued by the workshop and eager to delve deeper connecting with Nancy Rubbico is just a click away. Whether it’s to ask a question, schedule a longer workshop, or simply to learn more about the BOCAS Approach, Nancy is accessible and ready to assist. Please reach out via email if you are interested in a 60 to 90-minute introduction workshop or if you want to delve deeper there is the option of a half day or a full day workshop.  Workshops can be in-person or online with Zoom. 

The Benfits of the Bocas Method

Build better Habits

Our habits are formed by repeated behaviors. Although sometimes done through conscious effort, most of our habits are formed subconsciously – a reaction to a set of stimuli, informed by past experiences, and shaped by our autonomic nervous system. The complexity of this system makes change difficult. You cannot change behavior that you don’t understand. The Bocas Method gives is designed to give you the tools and build the skills necessary to deconstruct the relationship between this system and our real-world behaviors. You’ll learn to recognize and honor the uniqueness of your nervous system so you can begin building better habits.

Lead with empathy

Even if you don’t consider yourself a leader, there are moments in our lives in which we are called upon to lead. As a parent, as a friend, as a colleague – every individual needs to understand not just their own behavior/biology relationship, but also how that relationship influences the behaviors of those around them. Through the Bocas Method, individuals will gain the skills to embark on a journey of meaningful collaboration. You’ll gain the insight and skills necessary to lead with empathy.

Communicate with Clarity

The nervous system likes clarity. And yet, sometimes this complex system moves us down a path in which our response to stress informs our communication, obfuscating what we really want to (and need to) say. The Bocas Method empowers you to pause, to recognize, and to honor the response your autonomic nervous system is having to a stressful situation. Then it gives you the skills to move forward and communicate from a place of clarity.

Become an agent of transformative change in your life, in your community, and in the world.

When you begin to make transformative change in your own life, you can begin to recognize those opportunities for better habits, empathic leadership, and clearer communication in the world around you. By internalizing the knowledge and skills gained through working with the Bocas Method, you can become that agent of positive, transformative change in your own life, and in the lives of others.