Jeremy Andersen, LMHC

Nancy is an artful trainer.  She presents material with clarity, depth, and heart, all while feeling completely natural and relatable.  Her presentations are like sitting across from a wise and knowledgeable friend at a coffee shop, such that learning becomes an easeful and connected experience rather than the hard work of the cognitive mind.”

Jeremy Andersen
Education Director and Clinical Team Leader
Windhorse Integrative Mental Health

Nancy Rubbico, LMHC

Nancy Rubbico’s mission is to make Polyvagal Theory accessible to all through her work with the Bocas Method. Her goal is to uplift and transform lives by fostering a deep understanding of the nervous system and its impact on behavior. With this understanding, individuals can be empowered to communicate more effectively, increase awareness of their choices, create satisfying connections, access more curiosity and openness, and increase their sense of compassion to overcome difficult situations. Interactions will be more effective and enriching.