Clinical Consulting

Clinical Consultation: For Individuals and Small Groups

By deepening your understanding of Polyvagal Theory, you will gain additional skills to help your clients regulate, resource, and change patterns. Polyvagal Theory lays the foundation for understanding how a biological system impacts behaviors, emotions, and the stories your clients hold. Polyvagal Theory enriches the modalities you are trained in.

As a practitioner, you will develop the skills to:

  • Introduce your clients to their nervous system and the vagus nerve.
  • Help your client understand the three states of their nervous system.
  • Help your clients understand the emergent properties of each of the states.
  • Help your clients understand the impact the nervous system has on behaviors, emotions, and how they walk through life.
  • Help your clients understand how trauma patterns the nervous system.
  • Help your client understand their triggers that dysregulate their nervous system.
  • Help your client be able to resource and regulate their nervous system.
  • Help your client improve their vagal tone.
  • Help clients build a toolbox of skills to resource and repattern their nervous system.
  • Help clients feel empowered.

Clinical Consulting can help a variety of practitioners understand how to better work with their clients.

What is Clinical Consultation?

The Bocas Method clinical consultation takes an experiential approach. In addition to consulting on your work with clients, you will also notice what is happening with your own nervous system. You will learn additional skills and resources to help you stay regulated with challenging clients, challenging colleagues, and challenging situations in your own life.

Through the Polyvagal lens, you will recognize for both yourself and your client the autonomic story, running below awareness, and how it shapes emotions, behaviors, and narratives of the world, others, and ourselves. 

Who could benefit from Clinical Consultation?

Practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge of Polyvagal Theory and its application to their work with clients. Practitioners who want to empower their clients to change behavior, emotions, and thoughts with information that will improve resilience to life’s challenges.

 Clinical consultation is a great resource for any type of practitioner who works with clients and wishes to better understand the impact of trauma on the nervous system. Working through a Polyvagal lens can be beneficial to psychotherapists, medical practitioners, health coaches, dentists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, massage therapists, ministry work, and anyone who works with another nervous system!

Empower your clients.

Revolutionize your practice.