The Bocas Method is a framework to not only understand the connection between the nervous system and human behavior but also to create a game plan to action on that understanding. It breaks down the complexities of this system and helps those who follow the Bocas Method to take that comprehension from theory to practical application.

From on-demand trainings to live workshops, the BOCAS method can unlock your understanding of the biology of connection and success.

Simply put, the BOCAS Method is a framework for understanding the biology of connection and success. Through it, individuals and teams can develop the tools to understand, identify, and adapt the biological responses of the nervous system.

Anyone can benefit from the Bocas Method. The only prerequisite is a curious mind. On-demand courses are a great solution for individuals who want to begin to unpack the biology behind their behavior on their own schedule. Workshops are designed to build your understanding through peer learning and Q&A.

The BOCAS Method is more than just a theory of human behavior – it’s a framework through which you can understand and better navigate the complexities of relationships, behavior, and biology. By unpacking the relationship between biology and behavior, individuals can:

– Become more effective communicators
– Develop leadership skills
– Build more rewarding relationships
– Unlock curiosity, compassion, and collaboration


Can the Bocas Method improve my leadership skills?

Yes! The Bocas Method helps individuals to understand their own nervous systems, and also the nervous systems of those around them. This can lead to an improved ability to collaborate and communicate, and an increased sense of curiosity – which are all necessary ingredients for leadership development.

Should I take on demand courses in any particular order?

Some trainings have a prerequisite, but many are designed for anyone with a curious mind to jump right in. Check specific on-demand training descriptions for details about prerequisites.

Do you offer in-person trainings or workshops?
Who can benefit from the Bocas Method?

Anyone! Although the Bocas Method is a great tool for those interested in developing as leaders, there are also a multitude of applications outside of the professional setting. People who want to be better romantic partners, parents, and versions of themselves can all benefit from the Bocas Method.

Do you offer group programs?

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