The Bocas Method is a framework to not only understand the connection between the nervous system and human behavior, but also to create a game plan to action on that understanding. It breaks down the complexities of this system and helps those who follow the Bocas Method to take that comprehension from theory to practical application.

Workshops are a great way to inspire a group to connect the dots between biology and behavior. Teams are empowered to build on this knowledge and stay curious. Through our hands-on-approach, workshop attendees will not only gain an understanding of this framework but learn to apply it to their day to day lives, unlocking their greatest potential, and the full potential of their collaboration.

Build your workshop

Organize a group of 6-32 to build your own workshop. Select a topic below, or work with a Bocas Method certified trainer to customize a workshop to meet your group’s needs. Workshops are designed to apply an introductory understanding of the Bocas Method to key areas of your life.

If you don’t want to put together your own group, register your interest below to be notified when a new workshop is available for registration.


Curiosity & Growth
Building True Connection
Mentorship & Development
Empowering Individuals
Building an Effective Team
Building Organizational Culture
Fostering Trust & Building Self Confidence
& More

Interested in a workshop?

Workshops are a great way to begin to unpack the relationship between your nervous system and your behavior. These introductory sessions give you a basic understanding of the biology that informs behavior and outcomes. Reach out to register your interest and we’ll let you know when the next workshop is taking place.

Workshop FAQs

Who can benefit from scheduling a workshop?

Many different teams across a multitude of organizations can benefit from these introductory workshops. This workshop will focus on connecting the basics of Polyvagal Theory to topics specific to your team needs.

How do I schedule a workshop?

If you think your organization could benefit from a workshop, reach out to us today.

What is included in a standard workshop?

A pre-engagement call to determine: 

  • The length of the workshop
  • Number of participants
  • Whether the workshop will be live-remote or in-person
  • Desired outcome

A Live Session

A recording of the experience

How many people can participate in a workshop?

Workshops are designed for groups of 6-32

How long do workshops last?

This will depend on the outcome you are looking for.  We have done 90-minute introductions, half-day, full-day, and two-day workshops.

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