Resets: Rituals

Have you ever felt stressed or anxious and been unsure of why? These feelings are a natural response by our nervous system to keep us safe. Our nervous system operates to protect us from harmful situations. Sometimes, it is overly protective, and makes us feel alarmed without cause. When we recognize feeling stressed or anxious we can resource with a reset.

A Reset is designed to help us respond differently to feeling stressed or anxious. And most importantly to get your nervous system working optimally to become more resilient. A reset can help tether us to those moments when we feel our best. When we feel our best, our system is well-regulated, and we’re able to operate from a place of clarity, compassion, and curiosity. A reset can be an exercise, an activity, or even just a reminder of those well-regulated moments. They provide an opportunity to become more aware of how we feel and the factors behind those feelings.

What keeps you feeling grounded? What helps you feel connected? Resets can vary from person to person, and once you’ve identified what resonates with you, you can utilize them to help reduce anxiety, stress, and feelings of fear. With these tools, we can navigate a stressful world in a meaningful way.

How can rituals help regulate your nervous system?

Rituals are activities that can be savored. These activities whether daily or periodically can be as simple as making your coffee, sitting quietly with your pet, reading at night with your child, a walk in nature, and gardening, to name a few. They can touch us spiritually, or can comfort, or feel pleasurable.

The beauty of the pause is its power.  When we pause to notice what feels good then we become aware. Awareness gives us the choice to deepen the experience. When we savor a ritual, it becomes a resource that reassures our nervous system.  Rituals can help us feel nurtured and calm. They can help us to build resilience. They give us an opportunity to be present in the moment.

Below are recordings of individuals sharing their activities that they have decided are rituals to be savored. Take a moment to notice if they are appealing to you. It is important to understand that each nervous system is unique to us. What one person enjoys may not feel enjoyable to another!

If you were going to record an activity that you would like to savor, what might that be? When you think of that activity what senses are ignited, do you feel your body relax or maybe a sense of pleasure? Feel free to create your own list of rituals! 

person holding book near brown wooden table

Let’s Explore!

Below are examples of real-life rituals. These rituals have been submitted by current and former students of the Bocas Method. Notice how each ritual is laid out, what details are included, and how each ritual takes the otherwise mundane details of a routine to identify a sense of wonder and connection. These rituals allow the individuals sharing them to really pause and notice what moments provide them with a genuine sense of safety.

photo of coffee mug on top of book

Morning Coffee

As read by Aimee Terravechia

a downy woodpecker on a bird feeder

Watching Nature

As read by Aimee Terravechia

photo of planner and writing materials

Weekly Planning

As read by Aimee Terravechia

potted green indoor plants

Plant Care

As read by Aimee Terravechia

close up photography of two dogs

Walking the Dogs

As read by Aimee Terravechia

person pouring salt in bowl


As read by Aimee Terravechia

white newspaper beside teacup

Morning Paper

As read by Aimee Terravechia

snow people bed winter

Connecting with my Dog

As read by Aimee Terravechia

mother and daughter reading book with interest in bed

Story Time

person digging on soil using garden shovel


As read by Aimee Terravechia