A Reset is a resource designed to help you regulate your nervous system. Resets can be a key tool in stressful situations. They can help to anchor your nervous system in a safe state, and provide you with cues of safety and security, enabling you to move through the states of your nervous system. Some resets are exercises or activities you can do to recharge your ability to navigate the world. Others can enable participants to be more mindful of their surroundings. All resets provide the opportunity to become more aware of where their nervous system is and how to navigate it. These can help you reduce anxiety, stress, and fear. Resets are one of the many tools we can add to our toolbelt to navigate the stressful world in a meaningful way.

How can nature help regulate your nervous system?

Studies have shown that the natural world can help us regulate our responses to stressful situations. Being around nature, hearing nature sounds, or seeing images of nature can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Harvard Health Publishing has found that nature can have a big impact on our ability to regulate our nervous systems.

green leafed tree

You’re Invited…

You’re invited to explore the videos and images below and observe what calms your nervous system, and what energizes it.

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