Have you ever felt stressed or anxious and been unsure of why? These feelings are a natural response by our nervous system to keep us safe. Our nervous system operates to protect us from harmful situations. Sometimes, it is overly protective, and makes us feel alarmed without cause. When we recognize feeling stressed or anxious we can resource with a reset.

A Reset is designed to help us respond differently to feeling stressed or anxious. And most importantly to get your nervous system working optimally to become more resilient. A reset can help tether us to those moments when we feel our best. When we feel our best, our system is well-regulated, and we’re able to operate from a place of clarity, compassion, and curiosity. A reset can be an exercise, an activity, or even just a reminder of those well-regulated moments. They provide an opportunity to become more aware of how we feel and the factors behind those feelings.

What keeps you feeling grounded? What helps you feel connected? Resets can vary from person to person, and once you’ve identified what resonates with you, you can utilize them to help reduce anxiety, stress, and feelings of fear. With these tools, we can navigate a stressful world in a meaningful way.

How can these activities help regulate your nervous system?

Activities are things we physical do with our body to help us feel more connected and grounded in our nervous system. Just as with all other types of resets, these can vary by person. While someone may find breathing exercises particularly helpful, others may find physical movement to be a better resource. The exercises included here are curated to meet a wide range of nervous system needs, but they may not work for everyone! The importance of noticing where you are in your nervous system, and what you need to move through to get to a safe feeling, cannot be neglected. Many of the activities here can be a great resource to help you incorporate movement and breathwork when your energy is low.

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Let’s Explore!

These activity sheets are created with tried-and-true actions you can take to help quell anxiety and manage your emotional responses to stressful situations. Remember, each nervous system is different, and what may work for someone else might not work for you. That’s why we’ve included multiple options below to choose from. The important thing is to find activities that are appealing to your nervous system. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness.

Try some of these activities

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