Resets: Sounds

Have you ever felt stressed or anxious and been unsure of why? These feelings are a natural response by our nervous system to keep us safe. Our nervous system operates to protect us from harmful situations. Sometimes, it is overly protective, and makes us feel alarmed without cause. When we recognize feeling stressed or anxious we can resource with a reset.

A Reset is designed to help us respond differently to feeling stressed or anxious. And most importantly to get your nervous system working optimally to become more resilient. A reset can help tether us to those moments when we feel our best. When we feel our best, our system is well-regulated, and we’re able to operate from a place of clarity, compassion, and curiosity. A reset can be an exercise, an activity, or even just a reminder of those well-regulated moments. They provide an opportunity to become more aware of how we feel and the factors behind those feelings.

What keeps you feeling grounded? What helps you feel connected? Resets can vary from person to person, and once you’ve identified what resonates with you, you can utilize them to help reduce anxiety, stress, and feelings of fear. With these tools, we can navigate a stressful world in a meaningful way.

How can sound help regulate your nervous system?

Sound can play a big part in how safe we feel. Through several case studies, sounds have been proven to be a useful tool to help people regulate their nervous systems.

You’ve likely heard terms like “White Noise” but what you may not know is that the human reaction to certain noises is not universal. In addition to White Noise, there is also Brown Noise, Pink Noise, and a slew of other sound frequencies that scientists are currently studying. Each type of noise can affect our brain chemistry differently, and the reactions are not universal. Recent studies have shown the impact that Brown Noise can have on our nervous systems. Some experts have even begun using sound therapy.

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Let’s Explore!

Different sounds can have a big impact on how we think and feel. Our reaction to certain sounds is not a universal experience. Although researchers are able to generalize about which sounds may be more or less appealing, this is still a very new area of science. Explore the resources below and remember that what feels pleasurable to one person may not feel pleasurable to another. Explore and identify what your nervous system finds pleasurable.