Resets: People

How can pictures and videos of other people help regulate your nervous system?

People co-regulate with one another, and studies have shown that looking at pictures of healthy, loving relationships and smiling, and happy people, can help the nervous system to regulate. Looking at pictures of happy, smiling people can help to activate the pleasure centers of the brain, increasing your sense of security and safety. Additionally, seeing the faces of others can help our nervous systems to feel more connected.

woman wearing eyeglasses

Let’s play with the dance of your nervous system!

Below are both linked videos and photos to explore. Before we click into either, let’s take a minute to recognize that what makes a nervous system feel pleasure is deeply personal. There are millions of factors, including our cultural norms, our lived experiences, and the way in which society recognizes our intersectional identities. The faces and people included within this reset are meant to serve as a diverse and vibrant cross section of what we may experience in the world. We’ve tried to sample images and videos that have captured well-regulated nervous systems, because one of the biggest ways that we as individuals can regulate our own nervous systems, is by co-regulating with others. Often times, the best ways to experience this sense of co-regulation is with trusted friends, family, and loved ones. Now that we’ve spent a minute with those facts, you can take some time to explore the videos and images linked below. Remember that what your nervous system finds pleasurable is deeply personal to you!